Mercedes-Maybach redefines the word comfort

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In the star brand, the 7th generation of the S-Class defends the enviable ‘bestseller’ status among the best saloons in the world, and is responsible for setting new benchmarks in terms of luxury, sophistication and comfort. But for those who ‘only’ the best is not enough, the manufacturer of Stuttgart raises the bar even more in each of these development chapters, in products with the prestigious Maybach ‘label’, already in the sphere of the production of brands like Rolls-Royce & Co.

Starting from the longest body of the current S-Class, with a wheelbase increased by 18 cm, to a huge 3.39 meters, Mercedes created one of the most spacious saloons on the market, with habitable dimensions even higher than the model that leaves the scene , ending Maybach’s activity as an independent brand in the German emblem portfolio.

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In the interior configuration, space for personalization, from the base configuration of two rear seats, in comfortable, heated, reclining and covered with leather seats of the best quality. In order to access the cabin where all luxuries are allowed and outside disturbances are eliminated using the evolved active noise cancellation system, the Mercedes-Maybach has electric opening doors.

It is a car designed for those who, obviously, spend more hours working rear seats, while the driver accelerates the block of eight or 12 cylinders, with powers between 500 hp and 612 hp.


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car latest news

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