Morocco Riad Fez: the pearl of the Medina of Fez


Hidden in the heart of the labyrinth of the Medina, the Riad Fès hotel is an oasis of pleasure in which you can get lost as pleasantly as outside its walls. Bewitching.

We find in Fez the oldest, and the largest, Medina in the world. A bewitching maze within which to get lost is inevitable. And this is the first advantage of the Riad Fès boutique hotel : it is located at the entrance of the said Medina and it is one of the rare places that you can easily find as a tourist! A significant advantage but ultimately anecdotal compared to the magic of the place.

As soon as the door is crossed, time is running out. We think we are back in the 19th century and we imagine seeing Marshal Lyautey sipping mint tea in the middle of the atrium studded with mosaics. In reality, we should rather speak of patios, and the Riad Fès hotel has 4. Restored to its original magnificence, exaggerating (a lot!), We could say that Riad Fès is its own Medina, so many nooks and crannies to discover, and in which to get lost is the best guide. Through these 5 houses now interconnected, behind each carved old door, hides a different atmosphere. Here, a garden, there, a gourmet restaurant nestled in an alcove, elsewhere, a wine cellar flanked by a tasting room and suddenly, a swimming pool! 14m long,in which we snort while listening to the whispers of the alleys of the Medina that surrounds us.


And if you are lucky enough to have lost your way at the ideal time through one of the stairs leading to the roof terrace, you can then taste the spectacle of the sunset descending on Fez El Bali and its surrounding hills. A moment of amazement that should be prolonged by taking advantage of one of the sofas designed for this purpose. Whistling, his favorite tune or better yet, a drink of his choice.

From 250 dollars.


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