This mother decides to have her son operated on to remove his birthmark

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George Ashman is a very courageous child. Born with a huge birthmark on his forehead, he had to undergo surgery which completely changed his physique in 4 long years.

Little George was born with a very prominent nascent patch in the middle of his face. His mother decided to use medicine to take it away from him so that he could escape the taunts of his classmates . To do this, the doctors had to recover healthy skin and to do this, the doctors implanted tissue expanders under the skin of his forehead.

Perfectly placed, the two skin extensors have therefore modified the head of little George, as if he had horns . His mother, Karen, refers to the Daily Mail , she was shocked to discover his son:

The first time I saw the implants in place, I was speechless.

But it was all temporary and Karen knew it was for her own good.” 

They were bigger than expected and placed on either side of his little head. They looked like horns. My cute angel-faced baby looked like a little devil.”

It took four years for the doctors to have enough healthy skin to cover little George’s birthmark . After these long years, which must have seemed like an eternity, the medical profession was able to recover healthy skin and cover the child’s birthmark.

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Little George after he finished the treatment

The result is simply stunning! As you can see, little George has totally changed. The birthmark that was very large in the middle of his forehead has disappeared and so have the medical “horns”. A successful operation (although it took a while) that little George’s mom praised.


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