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Mother movie with Jennifer Lawrence – critic

Mother movie

Darren Aronofsky doesn’t love God too much (although he obviously thinks about it all the time). I don’t like Darren Aronofsky too much, although I’m going to see his films, just to keep me posted. The proof that Aronofsky has after God is that in Mother movie, He asked Javier Bardem to interpret it: like a slap in the face, he sits there, Javier, and the deep antipathy that instantly feeling towards him helps a lot in the functioning of the film!

Mother movie critic

So there are (at least) two ways of looking at Mother movie : first simply as a psychological thriller with fantastic connotations, which would tell the tilting into madness of a young wife too submissive to her husband (a tortured poet suffering from the usual inspiration failure syndrome) and having to face the intrusion into his beloved house of characters all more disturbing than the others.

This film is masterful, at least in its first part, worthy of the best Polanski (we think of the Tenant, then of Rosemary’s Baby) and the staging of Aronofsky is brilliant, with this camera which surrounds Jennifer Lawrence and suffocates us. at the same time as it, involves us in its paranoia in an immersive way. It’s suffocating, it’s very strong! Then we have the impression that Aronofsky literally goes crazy in the second part, and his film becomes painful, heavy, hysterical, until a final climax which turns out to be quite repulsive (the baby scene will hurt anyone who has children, I think…).

We must then resolve to move on to the other interpretation of Mother!, This personal settling of accounts with God, this biblical parable of an ambition and a heaviness that border on the ridiculous: then, we have Adam and Eve , Cain and Abel, then after the Virgin Mary and the child of God whose body must be eaten by the faithful, etc. etc.

In the end Mother Nature takes revenge and reduces all of humanity (loathsome, humanity …) to ashes, but this goddamn goddamn got what he wanted, and he can start the machine once again. Ok, Darren: It’s super powerful, all of that, but it’s not a bit TOO MUCH, anyway? Me, who doesn’t like you very much, but still want your good, I think someone should stop giving you so much money, take away the final cut on your films, and force you to work with a team that would pass you a little straitjacket when you start drooling all over the place and rolling your crazy eyes. Cinema would be better, too: who knows, you might even manage to lay it down, this masterpiece that you have in you, and that you screw us up every time?

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