Mysterious metal block in the middle of the desert unleashes UFO enthusiasts

ufo sightings utah desert

In southern Utah, a strange metal monolith has been discovered in the middle of the desert. An exceptional and mysterious find that unleashes fans of ufology.

Employees of the Utah Department of Public Safety were flying over a southern desert in the state by helicopter to survey populations of Canadian bighorn sheep. When suddenly, they see a strange metallic shape on the ground. They then decide to land to approach this species of large boulder. But what they discover once there leaves them speechless.

A 3.5 meter high triangular metal monolith

Arriving near the place where they had seen this block from the helicopter, these employees came across an astonishing structure. A monolith, that is to say a massive block of stone, proudly sits in the middle of the desert, hidden between the canyons. This triangular prism is almost 3.5 meters high and is made of metal, not stone.

Planted in the ground, this monolithic is astonishing by its shape, its size, but also its position, in the middle of nowhere. What astonish the employees on site as well as the specialists who came to observe the phenomenon in this beautiful state of Utah. David Clinch, who works for Storyful, shared a video of the find.

Extraterrestrial origin? Tribute to Stanley Kubrick?

As you can imagine, this information has gone viral on social networks. Many Internet users have proposed more or less far-fetched theories on this subject. For some, it would simply be the work of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Others, more down to earth, have noted the resemblance between this monolith and those in the 2001 film, A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick. Indeed, there is an air of déjà vu. For still others, this sculpture could be that of John McCracken, an American sculptor who died in 2011 who lived near Utah. It could be one of his works or a tribute to his creations.

Anyway, the authorities intend to remove this object, recalling that it is “prohibited to install structures or works of art without authorization on lands managed by the federal government, regardless of the planet from which you come”. This will also prevent overly curious tourists from getting lost in these hostile lands while trying to approach the metal monolith.


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