Naya Rivera: her ex Ryan Dorsey sues the “responsible” for her death

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It’s hard to accept the fact that we’ll never see her sweet smile again. For Naya Rivera’s family, such an idea is unthinkable. Ryan Dorsey, her ex-husband, is also seeking revenge rather than appeasement …

Mourning is littered with stages. Five, exactly, according to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ theory. And obviously, Ryan Dorsey, Naya Rivera’s ex-husband , is between the second and the third level, between anger and bargaining. Refusing to believe in the disappearance of the actress, he sues Ventura County, the company which rented him a boat on July 8, 2020 just before she embarks on a nautical escapade on Lake Piru with Josey, her son from 4 years old – he is now 5.

It was a walk that cost him his life. Little Josey was found alone on the boat, and Naya Rivera’s body was found in California waters five days later. Ryan Dorsey found a culprit in the death of his ex. According to documents obtained by Us Weekly on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, he accuses the boats offered by Ventura County of not complying with US Coast Guard safety regulations. He denounces the fact that the boats are not equipped with a ladder, an anchor, a radio or any safety mechanism to avoid this kind of accident.


“ Strangely enough, a subsequent inspection revealed that the craft was not even equipped with flotation or rescue devices, in direct violation of California law ,” read the papers completed by Ryan Dorsey. When he was found alone, little Josey was wearing a life jacket. Another was in the boat. The employee who took care of the actress assures that she refused to put on his but that he had still provided her with the accessory just in case.

Ryan Dorsey also regrets that there is no sign indicating the danger of Lake Piru, to warn swimmers that many accidents have taken place in its terrible waters since 1959. Today, the young dad takes care of his only son Josey. Fortunately, he can count on the support of his in- laws , including Nickayla, the sister of Naya Rivera, who would have settled at home to give him a boost …


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