Netflix and chill Dash and Lily: How the two heroes got closer

Netflix and chill Dash and Lily

It’s a story they wanted to write together. Midori Francis and Austin Abrams, the two hero actors of the netflix and chill series “Dash and Lily”, used a very cute little technique to get to know each other.

Netflix and chill: The Dash and Lily Christmas series

Sometimes reality meets fiction. This is somewhat the case for the Dash and Lily Christmas series , available on Netflix since November 10, 2020. In this adorable eight-part fiction, a lonely teenager leaves a red notebook lying around on the shelf of a bookstore, real treasure hunt to get your heart. However, it is a young grump, who hates the end of year celebrations, who gets caught up in the game and binds with her an epistolary relationship, rocked by songs and gingerbread. Midori Francis and Austin Abrams, our two heroes, have also copied this principle a little to be sure to create a real alchemy, visible on the screen.

We felt like we knew things about each other.

” I said to myself that we could, to get to know each other better , as in the series, share our own notebook , reveals the young actor of 24 years to Elite Daily. Dash and Lily reveal themselves full of intimate things in this way. So we did the same thing to build some kind of trust between us and copy what was going on in the show. We told each other real stories and like that, we felt like we knew things there. ‘one on top of the other, things the other people on the set didn’t know . It was a cool experience . ” And what wouldn’t we give to slip a mischievous little eye into these precious pages?


The Dash and Lily episodes are currently in the sixth position of the Netflix top . If this little romantic comedy in several chapters has won over a large number of subscribers, it is with sadness that they have witnessed the end of the season. Impossible, after such a conclusion, to hope for a season 2. Unless? Ladies and gentlemen, rejoice. Joe Tracz’s series, co-produced by Nick Jonas, is inspired by the novel of the same name by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, written in 2010. However, a second volume whose plot takes place exactly 12 months after the first one, is available in bookstores since 2016. Hope is therefore permitted … all the more so during the holiday season.


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