Newspaper shows that Trump paid $ 750 in taxes in the year he won elections


U.S. President Donald Trump paid just $ 750 in federal taxes in 2016, the year he won the presidential election. The information was released following an investigation by the New York Times newspaper published on Sunday over more than 20 years of tax returns by the trustee.

“He has not paid any income tax in ten of the previous fifteen years, largely because he has declared more losses than income,” wrote the American newspaper.

The tax returns of the former real estate magnate are at the center of a legal battle, as Trump has always refused to publish them, going against the tradition created by his predecessors in the United States presidency.

“The New York Times obtained tax information for the past 20 years from Mr. Trump and the hundreds of companies that make up his group, including detailed information about his first two years in office. This does not include his personal tax returns from 2018-2019. “explained the newspaper, which promises new revelations in the coming days.

Unlike all his predecessors in the presidency since the 1970s, Trump, whose family conglomerate has no shares on the stock exchange and who has made fortune a campaign argument, has refused to publish income tax returns, waging a legal battle for years so that they are not disclosed.

This lack of transparency gives rise to speculation about the true volume of his wealth and possible conflicts of interest.


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