Obesity in children: 8 tips to limit it and save them

obesity in children

At the end of 2020, despite the health nutrition plans in 10 years, the toll of overweight and obesity in children was still significant, at 12.5%, or more than one in 10 children. overweight and obesity can lead to other health issues such as diabetes, respiratory diseases…; they also generate psychological problems which can be just as serious: discrimination, isolation, depression… So to limit obesity in children?

Junk food and digital generation: main causes of overweight and obesity in children

For lack of time, we take our children to hamburger factories where we force-feed them to reassure us, we buy them ready-made dishes (so tasteless that it is not uncommon to find unexpected ingredients, for example. example of the sugar in zucchini!?!) rather than cooking them small “homemade” dishes richer in taste and so much less rich in salt, sugar, fats, sources of overweight and obesity in our children. We believe in this way to compensate for our absences. We reward them for leaving us alone by offering them games that have only one goal: to be at peace, with them, with ourselves, at peace. Suddenly, they spend their time playing their video games or surfing the Internet (two hours of Internet and as much television on average per day…).

Are we so incapable of giving happiness to our children in other ways, by sharing their time, for example, by spending time with family, by knowing how to say no to them, by loving them? We are a generation of emotionally impaired people, but luckily it is not too late to learn to change !!

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8 tips to limit obesity in kids

It is reassuring to know that the solution is in our hands. It is in your home that good habits will be taken (or recovered). Obviously, the changes must appear in the adults first, who must be the model for the child. The child acts by duplication, moreover it is not uncommon to find overweight or obese children in homes where the parents are themselves.

Here are some good habits that will ultimately limit the overweight and obesity of your children and perhaps yours.

Tip 1

Cook, even simple dishes, a “homemade” mash for example, can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Tip 2

Watch the quantities, do not reserve, do not leave the dish on the table when everyone is served, it avoids the temptation to ask for seconds.

Tip 3

Vary the foods, to teach your children to eat everything, not to choose what they like and to abandon what they don’t like. The more varied the diet , the less it will be a source of overweight or obesity in children.

obesity in children

Tip 4

Limit (without removing) fat, serve more vegetables and less meat and starches, introduce systematic salad and fruits on the menu, it does not require work for you and it is healthy for the whole family.

Tip 5

Learn to taste without snacking: a fruit and a dairy product remain very healthy and filling, while cookies, chocolate toast and ice cream have no nutritional value. A good snack is better than a bad snack.

Tip 6

Save candies, cakes and sodas for occasional parties. You can offer the kids their weekly Mac King, as long as you replace the fries with salad and soda with water. This way, you will please them while limiting the damage. And end the day at the pool or with a bike ride to eliminate the excess.

Tip 7

Take time for yourself and your family: offer to walk the dog together after dinner, play a soccer game with them on Saturdays, take them to the play park rather than shopping, do a Monopoly in substitution of one or two hours of TV or video games.

Tip 8

Stop making the Internet or television a reward or a punishment.

Limiting the overweight and obesity in your children is not an easy thing, but it is up to you to turn this daily struggle into a fun game. Change your lifestyle together, without delay, it’s never too late.

obesity in children


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