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Onward animation with Tom Holland & Chris Pratt – critic

Onward animation

The work of Pixar Studios has been fundamental for a little over a decade in the history of animated cinema, almost as important as that of Studios Ghibli. More critically still, their films have accompanied our lives, and / or those of our children in a unique way, well beyond what is commonly expected of entertainment cinema. Once Pixar absorbed into the multinational Disney, we were only treated to a few flashes of the old genius, in the midst of more and more … ordinary films. Never really bad (although “Cars 2”, “Monsters University 2”, “Arlo” or “Dory” are not so far …), but rarely at the level of the past. Suddenly, each release of a new Pixar is a moment of doubt, of questioning, almost of heartbreak. This is our critic of Onward animation.

Onward animation critic

Onward animation, let’s face it, is an average Pixar. A decent animated film, saved in extremis by ten “Pixar minutes” at the end, where the complexity and accuracy of the emotions refer to the best of the Studio’s work, even if the magic of the famous scene (which we will not spoil , but that everyone will recognize …) is a bit spoiled by the dialogue that follows, explaining in the Disney way what had no need. Because, and it devastates our soul to say it, Onward animation is more of a very good Disney film than a Pixar, with its insistence on a permanent humor clearly targeting children, and its stakhanovism of action scenes and of incessant adventure, leaving little breathing space for the viewer.

So what is left (of our loves)? An interesting concept – that’s what you recognize a Pixar by, right? – who deplores the way in which technology has gradually stripped us of our “natural” talents (Who still uses their memory today to remember telephone numbers that have been dialed several times a day? Who is trying to find their way around space or even memorize journeys without its GPS? etc.). A film which also shows how much the commercialization of our own “image”, of our personality has emptied these of their “deep meaning” … And which suggests that we make the effort to find these lost capacities, as here the fairies learn to fly again (a very nice idea …).

Of course, as we are in the USA, no call to revolt, but rather to an individual awakening, which we nevertheless hardly see profoundly changing the world … On the other hand, we will deplore that the reflection on death , which also richly nourished the excellent “Coco”, is here only sketched, but we understand that Onward animation could not multiply the themes: there are already many here, probably too many.

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In the end, we do not get bored in front of Onward animation, we do not feel treated like imbeciles as is the case in front of 99% of the competing production, we always escape (miracle!) The horror of the second degree and “references for adults” … In short, who are we to dare to spit on this little blessing that is a good film for children? Let’s not forget that in front, there is “Trolls 2” by Dreamworks which tries to convince our children that rockers are absolute evil, because they want to destroy the enchanted world of pop and RnB …

It’s just that we should absolutely downgrade our expectation levels for the next Pixar, “Soul”, due in just a few months … And yet …


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