“Our nature is completely inundated”: the concerns of hunters in Haute-Savoie before the opening of the season

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The opening of the hunting season is set for September 13 in the three Alpine departments. A practice threatened by the reduction of natural space, especially in Haute-Savoie, according to hunters …

The some 31,000 hunters from Isère, Savoie and Haute-Savoie are also preparing to make their comeback. In the Alps, the hunt will open on Sunday, September 13. A territory where we hunt small game: pheasant, quail, badger or Garenne rabbit in the plains. And in the mountains, it’s more the hare, partridge or marmot. But the particularity of hunting in the Alpine arc is the cohabitation between hunters and hikers.

Trailers, hikers … They are more and more numerous at altitude. Hunting, the banner of rurality, would thus be threatened by the reduction in natural space in the very touristy department of Haute-Savoie, according to its practitioners.

“I’m almost going into the countryside to ensure that we have more densification, even in our rural communities , insists André Mugnier, president of the Federation of Hunters of Haute-Savoie, because we have a territory that is shrinking every time. year with an over frequentation of the various uses. Whether it is hunting, whether it is hikers, mountain bikers … Our nature is completely inundated. “

More and more wolves

Several hunting accidents have marked the spirits. In 2015, a young 20-year-old hunter killed a hiker in Semnoz. Three years later, it was a British cyclist who was killed during a beaten in Haut-Chablais. Today, legislation requires hunters to undergo security training, to be renewed every ten years.

Another complex issue for hunters: the presence of the wolf. They denounce the explosion in the number of packs and herd attacks, making the life of the mountaineers of Bauges, Chablais, Faucigny, Glières or Aravis more and more complicated.

André Mugnier points to a “concentration (of the predator) which is very strong” in the Alps, regretting “that when the prefect gives an authorization to take wolves, we do not (do) these samples” . While the number of hunters is down slightly in France, it remains stable in Haute-Savoie. A federation which also counts more and more women.


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