Paul Pogba denies rumors of withdrawal from France team after Macron’s remarks on Islam


Paul Pogba denied claims that he left the France team, following Emmanuel Macron’s comments on Islam, calling the story “unacceptable fake news”.

The British daily “The Sun” claimed that Paul Pogba, of Muslim faith, had withdrawn from international football after French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments that Islam was the source of international terrorism.

Macron’s comments follow the beheading of Professor Samuel Paty, 47, who was assassinated on his way home from the high school he was teaching in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, about 40 km northwest of Paris.

Macron called the murder of Professor Samuel Paty, 47, an “Islamic terrorist attack” and said: “Unity and steadfastness are the only answers to the monstrosity of Islamist terrorism” .

Middle East information reported by The Sun claimed that Pogba, who converted to Islam a few years ago, resigned his post at the Blues after Macron’s speech on Friday, but the midfielder of Manchester United denied this information.

Pogba posted a photo of the intoxicating, saying “unacceptable fake news” . Pogba later added a full statement, confirming that he was going to take legal action.

“So The Sun has started again… absolutely 100% unfounded information about me is circulating, stating things that I never said or thought. I am dismayed, angry, shocked and frustrated that certain “media” sources are using me to make false headlines on the sensitive subject of French news and to add the France team to the pot, ” he said. he writes, before adding:

“I am against all forms of terror and violence. Unfortunately, some journalists do not act responsibly when writing the news, abuse their freedom of the press, fail to check if what they write / reproduce is true, create a chain of gossip without caring affects people’s lives and my life ”.


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