Premier League will not punish Pickford for violent entry into Van Dijk


Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford will not be punished for his violent entry to Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk in a 2-2 draw on Saturday in a match valid for the fifth round of the Premier League, as the bid was paralyzed because of off-side.

Van Dijk has ruptured the cruciate ligament in his right knee, will have to undergo surgery and should no longer play for the English champions this season.

The Premier League, which organizes the national competition, will not make any analysis after the game, as this type of verification is only done when they are not seen by the field referee or the VAR. Pickford did not receive a red card and neither penalty was scored because Van Dijk was in an offside position.

Liverpool’s management contacted the Premier League for not agreeing with the entity’s stance and criticized the correct use of the VAR, giving as an example Jordan Henderson’s canceled goal because of an impediment in the construction of the move. The goal, if confirmed, would be Liverpool’s third in the local classic.

Coach Jürgen Klopp said on Monday he is confident of a “100%” return from the defender. “Some things are clear. He will now be gone for a while. After the game I realized that he is strong to face the challenge of the return. These situations are absolutely useless. You don’t need this, but you have to overcome it and Virgil will overcome it. , 100%, and today (Monday) is already the first day, if you like, of your recovery. “

Optimistic, Klopp said he is in direct contact with Van Dijk. “We are in touch. We are there for him, he knows that and we will wait for him as a good wife waits when her husband is in prison.”

Klopp will not have Dijk, but he will be able to count on Covid-19 free midfielder Naby Keita for Wednesday’s Champions League duel against Ajax in a debut match for the Champions League group stage.

Defensive midfielder Thiago Alcantara will undergo a test to see if he is recovered from the blow he took from Brazilian Richarlison. “He received a hit, a real hit,” said the German coach. “It is nowhere near as serious (as Van Dijk), but we will see if he is ready for Wednesday.”


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