Princess Qajar the legend: she caused the suicide of 13 suitors

Princess Qajar the legend

Did the famous princess Qajar the legend with an atypical physique really exist? If its existence is not called into question, the legend which wants that its physical attractions made succumb 13 men … We explain to you why!

The photos of “Princess Qajar” have been widely disseminated on the internet. His very atypical physique is intriguing and the legend that accompanies him too. More than a century ago, in Persia, this mustachioed and plump princess would have embodied charm and beauty at their peak. So much so that the men jostled each other at the gate, some to the point of death …

“Princess Qajar the legend”, a vague term

The legend attributes to this princess hundreds of suitors who would have jostled to seduce her and win her heart. Thirteen of them would have ended up killing themselves, failing to have succeeded in marrying her. A reputation that has preceded it beyond the centuries.

In reality, the term “Princess Qajar” is rather vague because it can refer to all the princesses of the Kadjar dynasty , a family which ruled Iran between 1786 and 1925. However, the one that is found most often pictured due to his atypical portrait is Ismat al-Dawlah , one of the daughters of Nassereddine Chah , Shah of Persia until 1896.

Ismat al-Dawlah was also the daughter of a certain Taj al-Dawlah, from whom she would have inherited physical peculiarities. But the legend is a little too original to be honest. Indeed, the rules of seduction in Persia of the nineteenth century were very framed and it is unlikely that the princesses of the dynasty could have had contact with so many men.

Taj Saltaneh, a more famous female figure

During the Kadjar dynasty, however, a few women managed to stand out for reasons other than their physique, which was considered atypical by modern and Western criteria. Nasseredin Shah inherited a large number of descendants and among his other daughters, we find a certain Taj Saltaneh .

This young woman was able to shine by becoming one of the most progressive women of her time. Married at only 14 years old and having received only a very limited education, she decides to do her own education and is interested in both Persian and foreign literature. Passionate, she will also learn about the arts and philosophy.

Very close to her father who died when she was only 13 years old, Taj Saltaneh was much less appreciated by her brother, who became Chah under dynastic rules. Very interested in the French Revolution and the philosophy of the Enlightenment, she openly criticizes the political choices of her brother and predicts more and more intense protests. It was ultimately she who was right.

She managed, thanks to her progressive ideas and her pioneering feminism , to break free from the rules that Iranian women had to follow. After her death, she left behind an autobiography full of revolutionary ideas on the condition of women in Iran. Finally, she is the real star of the Qajar dynasty!


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