Rebel Wilson: She reveals her pretty new silhouette and tips

rebel wilson

After seven months of diet and intensive sport, Rebel Wilson today displays a new silhouette. On Thursday, the actress appeared transformed into an evening dress on Instagram. The Australian continues her efforts to reach her goal.

2020 is “the year of health” for Rebel Wilson

2020 is “the year of health” for Rebel Wilson, who continues her transformation. Not only has the 40-year-old Australian actress radically overhauled her diet, but she also forces herself to work out six times a week. Halfway through, the star’s metamorphosis is already impressing his fans on social networks.

Still as active on Instagram, the actress of the film Le Coup du siècle published new photos on August 27, 2020, on the occasion of a fundraiser in favor of the association The School of St Jude, which helps school children in Tanzania. Photos that highlight her new slim figure: Rebel Wilson appears dressed, in a close-fitting dress signed Alex Evenings, a navy model that not only emphasizes her cleavage, but also her slim waist. A transformation that is not unlike that of a certain Adele …

rebel wilson

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss tricks

The goal of the ‘Mayr method’ is to eliminate food intolerances and, to do this, it tries to stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation . He is also in favor of reducing the intake of gluten, as well as giving importance to whole foods and those that are rich in protein and, at the same time, have hardly any fat.

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But, along with food , Rebel Wilson has focused on sports and the most important is weight training , as it helps burn fat and tone muscles. Her personal trainer, Jono Castano, explains that the actress does sports every day of the week and that she never lacks some type of weight training. She has also been seen flipping tires or dragging heavy objects.

rebel wilson

Another important point is that it mixes weight training with high intensity exercises , known as HIIT. Among the tests that the actress has to pass are going up and down the stairs, movements with ropes or boxing sessions, one of the best sports to tone muscles. By mixing this with strength training, it is easier to lose weight .

Her coach, who recommends combining exercises with weights with HIIT, assures that the actress does sports every day of the week

Another of her secrets to lose weight is that she has become a great fan of walking . She has shared several images on her social networks of her walks at a good pace through different corners of her country. Hiking also aids in your quest to shed excess pounds, and is largely to blame that you’ve already lost more than 18 pounds.


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