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Red Sparrow movie with Jennifer Lawrence – critic

Red Sparrow movie

A bear, an eagle, and, between them … A simple sparrow. With the face of Jennifer Lawrence. All in curves, almost babyish, and eaten by a wide blonde bangs. To be honest, it is a bit shocking. Red Sparrow movie unsettles the time of a few seconds when his heroine appears on the screen for the first time. Just after a scene of the most emblematic of the spy film, this nocturnal encounter, in a park, between an agent and his mole. Classicism is total. He will be constant throughout the film.

Red Sparrow movie critic

At the antipodes of a Bond, even more of an Atomic Blonde, whose idea of ​​the only comparison leaves the masked of the most pensive, Red Sparrow evolves with felted steps, at its own pace, as if it were not giving to the spectator , at first, only moderately, so that the charm acts over the long term. So much so that, in a dark, dry, sometimes fatal atmosphere, coupled with a sober and quite classy production, we do not see the film’s 2 hours and 20 minutes pass, which is rare enough to be noted.

While first exploring the Red Room, in which you would expect to see a Black Widow cross the screen, Red Sparrow, who has already manhandled his sparrow and taken prisoner, immediately arouses interest by deconstructing the character. principal and by confronting it with the dehumanization necessary for the implementation of manipulation. The images are raw, the situations are just as harsh. The grip is there.

It will be put into practice throughout the plot, where everyone watches, presses, extorts and solicits. The sparrow is relatively cloudy, not shrinking from much to achieve his ends. You don’t rally the eagle to your cause by being a white goose.

We wonder for a long time where Red Sparrow will take his spy, between danger and opacity of relations and silent schemes. Red Sparrow movie is literally animated by the reformation of the duo initiated by some Hunger Games. In front of the camera, Jennifer sparkles, nourishes a strong female figure while freeing herself from her glamorous image, as if she were crushed by the cold atmosphere installed by Francis behind the camera. This one, far from the graphic outbursts of Constantine, shows itself on the contrary posed, in a refined style, shaken by a few outbursts of a sometimes striking dry violence. He even manages to give Red Sparrow a rather timeless character to the story he tells, while the simple name of Cold War is usually enough to jump fifty years back …

You will understand, Red Sparrow movie excited me, as I was far from expecting such success. Even if the film does not dare to go to the end in the ambiguity of its character, yielding in its home straight to a fairly consensual resolution.

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The film may also suffer in the eyes of some of its classicism relying much more on its atmosphere than on its action to seduce, as well as on its aspect much more mature than usual for this type of production.

Finally crossed by tasty and euphoric supporting roles (because rare on the screen), such as Mary Louise Parker, Joely Richardson or Jeremy Irons, Red Sparrow stands out as an insolent success that it would be a shame to disdain.


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