Relationship questions and Thibaud Vaneck: “I am in love”

relationship questions

When it comes to relationship questions, Thibaud Vaneck is not a heart to take. Interviewed by “Télé Loisirs”, the interpreter of Nathan Leserman revealed to be in love with a certain Aurélie. He also made a little secret about their couple.

His character Nathan Leserman doesn’t have much luck in love, in Plus Belle la Vie (France 3). On the other hand, Thibaud Vaneck can boast of being luckier than the young English teacher he has played since 2005.

Relationship questions and Thibaud Vaneck: The star of “Plus belle la vie” is in love

Interviewed exclusively by our colleagues from Télé Loisirs within the framework of the French Fiction Festival in La Rochelle, the 34-year-old actor, usually discreet about his private life, agreed to talk about his love life. The opportunity to discover that Thibaud Vaneck is in a relationship.

” I’m a little high, I forget everything, everywhere. Alice, who is my sweetheart, says that I am made of clouds. I am never really there, ” he confided. The actor of Plus belle la vie then assured to be “in love “. And according to his playing partner Eléonore Sarrazin, Thibaud Vaneck is a romantic man.

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To the question ” which of the two is the more romantic? “, The 25-year-old actress – who lost her mother Ariane Carletti on September 3 – replied: ” I want to say you, because in this the moment you have your eyes all tender and that makes me too happy. He’s the most romantic at the moment. “

Unfortunately, Thibaud Vaneck did not put any photo of his beautiful Alice on his Instagram account. Perhaps he will present it soon to his fans on social networks? On the other hand, he does not hesitate to pose alongside his sister Aurélie, who plays Ninon in the series of France 3.

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