Republican Party wants good relationship with Biden in the White House

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Republican Senator Mitt Romney (Utah) said that his party wants to establish a good political relationship with white house / US President-elect Joe Biden, shortly after his inauguration in January, for the approval of important measures for the recovery of the US, amid the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis. “He, however, has served in the Senate long enough to know that if he goes in an extreme direction, he will fail,” he warned. “But if he goes to work on a bipartisan basis, we will be happy to work with him.”

The congressman pointed out to the NBC network on Sunday that voters in the US “wanted a change in the White House”, referring to the defeat of President Donald Trump, but also opted to maintain policies defended by Republicans, which was represented with the victory party politicians in Congress and in many states.

Romney said he does not know whether President Trump will acknowledge that he lost the elections to Biden. “We are not going to change the president now. The eyes of the world are on us. He has the right to ask for a recount of votes in Georgia, as there is a difference of 10,000 votes,” in favor of Biden, commented. And he pointed out that if the Democrat’s victory result is ratified, Trump “will have to accept the inevitable.”

In the senator’s assessment, what worries him most are expressions used by the president, such as “manipulated and stolen” elections with which he described the outcome of this year’s election. “This is a language used by authoritarians around the world. It is important not to adopt it so that it does not lead to a path that will be very unfortunate for the country.”


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