Resumption of travel to the US depends on reducing the pandemic in Brazil, says Forster

Resumption of travel to the US depends on reducing the pandemic in Brazil

The end of the restriction on the entry of travelers from Brazil to the United States depends on the reduction of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, said the Brazilian ambassador in Washington, Nestor Forster yesterday.

In May, the White House blocked the entry of those arriving from Brazil or who were in the country in the 14 days before landing in the USA, as part of the attempt to control the spread of coronavirus. The measure remains in force and there is no deadline to be overthrown. “These measures should be eased as soon as the numbers in Brazil improve,” said Forster, in an interview with Brazilian correspondents in the United States. “It is not a political decision of friendship with this or that country. It takes into account the evolution of the overall picture of the pandemic.”

The US barred travelers from China in January. In February, the restriction was also imposed on those arriving from Iran. In March, the same measure was imposed on Europeans, then the United Kingdom and Ireland. In May, the White House barred anyone from Brazil. Americans, citizens with permanent residency in the USA and foreigners who hold a diplomatic visa are excluded from the restriction.

The American government has been questioned about maintaining restrictions. The State Department has argued that it is looking at how to smooth them out, but Europe has not yet allowed travelers from the United States to enter. The prospect of a new wave of spread of the virus, both in the USA and in Europe, with the recent growth of new cases, has created even more uncertainties regarding flexibility.

In the case of China, travel blocking has been one of the main pillars of the election campaign of U.S. President Donald Trump. “We are charging Americans this and we hope to have some news soon, although I cannot commit to any horizon,” said Forster.


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