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Ronin movie with Robert De Niro by John Frankenheimer – critic

Ronin movie

Penultimate feature film for the cinema of John Frankenheimer, Ronin movie is an old school thriller in the noblest sense of the term, moving away from the gigantism of the blockbusters of the time to return to a more disenchanted and European tone.

Ronin movie critic

Bringing together an attractive cast from the four corners of Europe, Ronin movie has indeed the qualities and the faults of such a bias. Its good points, it draws them from an effective and solid staging, offering a handful of memorable sequences, including superb car chases. The European setting is a pleasant change from the usual Hollywood settings, especially since the filmmaker never tries to make them glamorous, on the contrary.

The other side of the coin is that the rhythm is sometimes a bit soft and the scenario, without being bad, does not shine either by its originality. The actors do what they can but are singularly lacking in conviction, which is very damaging given the names on the poster. We will also note the inability of the extras to pass correctly.

Ronin movie is a small film deserving a second viewing more than fifteen years after its theatrical release, Ronin is old-fashioned entertainment that gets the job done, perhaps not memorable but fun to watch and featuring some damn impressive stunts.

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