São Paulo triggers STJD to try to cancel game against Atlético-MG

São Paulo

The board of São Paulo called the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD), on Monday, to request the annulment of the match against Atlético-MG. In the match, valid for the 7th round, the team from Minas won 3 to 0, in Mineirão, on September 3. The São Paulo club argues that there was a “mistake in law” in the annulment of the goal, via video referee (VAR), scored by Luciano.

The request for annulment, and the consequent rescheduling of the match, was made through an Named Measure, forwarded to the president of the STJD, Otávio Noronha. In the document, São Paulo also calls for the permanent removal of referees Rafael Traci, José Washington da Silva, Michael Stanislau, Mikael Silva de Araújo, Igor Luciano Amaral Miranda and Hilton Moutinho Rodrigues from future club matches.

The Named Measure is based on the interview given by Leonardo Gaciba, chairman of the CBF Arbitration Commission, last week. To the SporTV channel, he admitted that the VAR was misused in that match.

The controversial move happened in the first half. Luciano opened the scoring, but the video referee noted an impediment, contested by São Paulo. After the annulment of the goal, the team from São Paulo fell in performance in the match and Atlético took the opportunity to write down their goals and win the confrontation.

“This is not a mere factual error, as the assistant video referee knew the rule and marked the correct spot on the body of the athlete of Atlético Mineiro. However, when it came time to score the spot on the body of the athlete of São Paulo Futebol Clube, another rule was applied, which differs from that used in the same move and that determined by the VAR protocol. There is, in fact, a deliberate option for the video referee to use the athlete’s distance calculation criterion contrary to the rule, marking position on the arm of the São Paulo athlete, contrary to the determined “, argues the São Paulo.

“In other words, in the same move, the video referee used the rule of the game to mark the point of the body of the athlete of one team and was not used in marking for the athlete of the other team, with an evident sporting imbalance in the decision and an error of law. “

In the same Named Measure, the São Paulo club asks Gaciba to provide clarifications on the case and that CBF allows access to the video audio files of the communication between the referees, especially those responsible for the VAR, of that match.


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