Scary monster: we tested the new Parc Astérix attarction

Scary monster

Can you face your greatest fears and the Scary monster? At Parc Astérix, say hello to the theme “Fear of the Park”. On the program, more than frightening attractions … Explanations.

As Halloween approaches , what could be better than heading to the Land of Fear? At Parc Astérix, the phenomenon “Fear of the park” returns for its 12th edition. For the occasion, visitors have the right to great novelties. Until November 1st, go to the land of the Gauls in a more than frightening atmosphere. On the program, a cauldron ride, monsters all over the park, and of course, haunted houses! What better way to celebrate Halloween?

Scary monster: The catacombs

In Parc Astérix, you can also find the brand new haunted house, entitled: ” Catacombs “. Amandine, a journalist from our editorial staff, left to face her fears in this terrifying underground, and thus to check if it really is …

“Before even entering the attraction, I saw several groups running out. In one of them, there was a small mixed troop. One of its members was a huge thirty-something, a real one. mirror cabinet, when I saw him go out screaming I really wondered what was waiting for us behind the door … “, she reports

In this haunted house, nothing will be spared you.

Monsters , skeletons, rotting corpses … if they know they are fake, all visitors will be scared, even the bravest!

“It’s not like in a ghost train, there, it’s up to you to take your courage with both hands to move forward” .

Go through the tunnels and dark rooms of this labyrinth, but be careful, be vigilant, a start quickly arrived … Thrills guaranteed!

This attraction must be reserved in addition to your ticket for the park, at the price of 5 euros. If you are under 16, the park strongly recommends against this attraction. For the more anxious, other haunted houses are available, like “The Wrath of Anubis”.

Get ready, you have until November 1st, the horror awaits you in the catacombs of Parc Asterix.


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