She adopts two children and makes an incredible discovery

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Katie Page’s story is full of twists and turns, more or less happy. Here is her story.

Katie Page was born in the United States, Alabama, Birmingham. When she reaches her thirties, the young woman feels a lack in her life, asks herself questions and senses that she is not fully fulfilled.

We can obviously think of the crisis of the thirties , which is a real milestone in life. But Katie Page’s reaction is amazing. In 2015, she therefore decided to change her life after her separation from her partner.

This new beginning requires a move. She left her hometown of Birmingham and moved to Denver, in the US state of Colorado. She then begins a journey of inner reflection.

Through this “soul meditation” Katie hopes to find some answers, to refocus on herself to find out what matters most to her in this world, what really matters to her. She hopes this inner journey will open a new path for her in her life.

A new life

Based in Denver, Katie Page must therefore find a new job, a new employer. Luckily, she finds a place in the construction industry and becomes head of integrated services for the construction company GE Johnson.

The new chapter in his life is therefore starting quite well. After finding a new job, she decides to pursue the new adventure of her life and embarks on the purchase of a house. She acquires a beautiful property with four bedrooms, although she is single. Katie Page is thinking of “renovating” these four bedrooms.

Still single Katie Page decides to apply for adoption. In May 2017, the dream of his life came true. Little Grayson comes into her life. She adopts the boy who was abandoned in the hospital and Grayson becomes her adopted son. Today the little one is three years old.

A month after her son came into her life, Katie Page receives a call from the adoption agency explaining that a little girl has been abandoned, her name is Hannah. Katie also decides to adopt him and notices something strange. she tells the People site :“ 

There were features on the two babies that were very similar. They both have a dimple on their chin and the other feature is one that only a mom can see because it is covered by the diaper!”

But that’s not all. Besides the physical characteristics , Katie makes another discovery:” 

I saw her hospital bracelet and her mother’s first name was the same as Grayson’s mother’s. She didn’t have a typical name. “

For Katie Page, no more doubt, Grayson and Hannah are siblings. But no one believes her. She then decides to go further and has DNA tests done:

Everyone thought I was crazy. I think everyone thought I had gone too far because I didn’t have a lot of evidence, but my hunch was telling me there was something to dig into . “

And luckily she did not stop because of what others thought; following the request for a DNA test, the truth has been re-established: Grayson and Hannah are indeed brothers and sisters! Which facilitated Hannah’s adoption request in September 2018.


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