She has never eaten sugar: the consequences on her body are incredible!

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For most of us, it’s hard to live without sugar for a day. But for little Grace it’s her daily life and the consequences are incredible!

It is well known that several diets can have more or less long term effects on the body. When some embark on a vegetarian diet, in line with their ideals, others swear by the “Paleo” diet. But what is the secret of this diet?

The so-called “Paleo” diet is actually a way of eating, inspired by the food found in the Stone Age in nature. Thus, there were carbohydrates, animal and vegetable proteins, but what was less was the doses of sugar used today for the manufacture of candies or other products. Thus, the mother of little Grace decided to put her daughter on a “Paleo” diet from an early age, and to forbid her all these sweets.

This decision may seem disproportionate or crazy to most people, and yet this way of eating has had benefits for the health of this little girl.

Forbidden sugar

It is true, little Grace has never eaten sugar in her life, nor corn, nor milk! Her mother, originally from Australia, only cooks meals from the “Paleo” diet. This means: lots of nuts , roots, fruits, vegetables, meats and fish!

“Paleo” diet for children?

Imposing such a nutritional diet is one thing. However, forcing it on children is another. However, Shan the mother explains that thanks to this diet her daughter has never been sick and that her immune system is now very strong.

The “Paleo” diet must therefore be very effective. But even if it protects the little girl from cavities and tooth problems , sugar beyond its comforting aspect (and yes, still) plays a role in the development of the organism. So this decision is not without risk, and it is important to consult a professional if necessary.


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