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Solo A Star Wars Story movie with Alden Ehrenreich – critic

Solo A Star Wars Story movie

Before going to see Solo A Star Wars Story movie in the theater, I looked at some opinions just like that, I knew that it will not influence my feelings. As always the press and Star Wars fans ignite at the slightest spark, so when it comes to touching an iconic character from the original trilogy, we can expect the worst …

Solo A Star Wars Story movie critic

I took this film as it came, no particular expectations, no desire to take it apart just because this, because that, I just wanted a film where action and adventure take precedence, where the characters are endearing and not betray their images. And I was rather well served.

During the whole Solo A Star Wars Story movie, I kept thinking about Indiana Jones, not that the places were similar but that side of rushing into the crowd for a quest, whether it was prestigious or not, reminded me a lot of the adventures of Indy.

That’s what I like about the Star Wars universe, it’s so rich, there are so many film possibilities, that spin-offs can make us travel, tell us endless stories. .. Well obviously there is the dark side of it all, making films for more money, but short.

If Rogue One was more in the genre of war, military strategy, etc., Solo fits perfectly into the genres that I appreciate much more, that is to say: action, adventure, with a touch of humor. Here the action is omnipresent, you don’t get bored for a moment, and even if I found that the film was a bit long for the story it tells (it was perhaps due to the fact that the seats at Bercy are not very tall and that I was not at my best too), I don’t hold it against him too much, I will see the next time I watch if I still have the feeling that the film should have been shorter. In any case, the film takes us on a journey, we follow our heroes on each planet facing opponents in all kinds and in different ways, I really enjoyed the Solo / Lando duel with cards for example. Even if everything remains quite predictable, that does not take away the pleasant side of this road movie.

Considering that I talked about Lando attacking the characters so much, that’s a good point overall, I was worried that the young Solo was not up to it but he is doing well, obviously I suspected that he won’t equal Harrison Ford it was a waste of time. Young Cheewie is like the usual Cheewie, their meeting is surprising but well found, their budding friendship is much more beautiful than the love story with Qi’ra, a rather superficial character who did not convince me. The one that I really liked is Lando, a first-rate spiel who has a very good charisma and brings a je ne sais quoi when he is there, with his L3 robot which makes people laugh but also gives good times of bravery. There is also Beckett played by the excellent Woody Harelson which I found just good, not exceptional either.

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I don’t have much to say about the production and the music of Solo A Star Wars Story movie, nothing to complain about either, they are both good without being super striking. I’m waiting for the next viewing to give me a final opinion on the film as a whole, but I had a great time and that’s the main thing.

At the very end a wild cameo appears, I am divided for this cameo, on the one hand it stinks of fan service full nose (even if it is the only one in the film so it passes widely) and on the other it announces a sequel that can be very interesting. Alden Ehrenreich has signed for 3 films so it is very likely that we are entitled to a Solo trilogy. There is no doubt that we risk eating Star Wars for the next 50 years, you may witness the birth of Chewbacca with your grandchildren …


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