State basketball champion team receives resources from the Sports Incentive Program

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SOJÃO, a basketball team from Santa Rosa, in the northwest of Rio Grande do Sul, had a project approved by the Rio Grande do Sul Sports Incentive Program. The team has been planning for two years, elaborating and carrying out the necessary steps to enroll in the Pro Sport. The funds received will enable new team projects. 

The president of SOJÃO, Betuel Sauer, says that the team was included in two projects. One will finance the adult male team in the search for the second state championship, and the other will revert to the basic categories, to finance the costs. “It is a valuable resource and opens up the possibility for us to be one step ahead. We will be able to offer structure, balls and uniforms. In addition, we will be able to hire professionals, coaches, physiotherapists, doctors, everywhere that provides infrastructure to improve training conditions. This will really bring a differentiator to our club ”, says Betuel. 

The funds received will also assist in the resumption of one of SOJÃO’s main projects, which is to bring children into sport. “This amount will make it possible to resume the grassroots categories and make the children return to play in a more structured way. Sport, not only basketball, brings a lot of growth for people, of knowing how to lose, play and discipline, persistence ”, concludes the president. SOJÃO’s “Sonho de Gigantes” project also has the support of the Sports Incentive Law RS and the State Secretariat for Sport and Leisure (State Government of RS).


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