Suri Cruise and her father reunited for Christmas? Katie reacts

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According to a rumor relayed by American tabloids, Tom is preparing to celebrate Christmas with his Suri Cruise. Information very quickly commented on by his mother, Katie Holmes, as reported by the Gossip Cop site.

Suri Cruise and her father reunited for Christmas? End of a rumor

This is news that agitates the American press as the end of the year holidays approach. According to several tabloids, Tom Cruise could spend the next Christmas holidays with his daughter Suri, born from his union with Katie Holmes. Information which is surprising: since his express divorce and very media in 2012 with the actress revealed in the series Dawson , the actor of Mission Impossible would not have seen his daughter again. Certainly, Katie Holmes got sole custody, but the actor could have asked to see her …

suri cruise
Suri Cruise and her father Tom Cruise

A rumor quickly denied in the columns of Gossip Cop by relatives of the mother, mother-wolf with her daughter Suri.” A spokesperson for Holmes told Gossip Cop that Tom never asked to spend time with Suri for Christmas, ” we learn. Therefore, Suri Cruise and Tom will not be reunited for Christmas, and Katie Holmes has not been ordered by her ex-husband to bring their daughter to him either.

The relationship between Suri Cruise and her father shrouded in mysteries

In the columns of Paris Match this Thursday, November 19, Tony Ortega, American blogger and author of documentaries and books against Scientology spoke out about Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri, explaining that he “does not there is no sign that they are in a relationship, before regretting ,” he personally chose Scientology over his daughter. It’s tragic! “ Another rumor circulating about Tom Cruise: the actor, who recently met with a refusal from his adopted daughter , is patiently waiting for the majority of Suri – now 14 years old – to recruit her into Scientology . Information, again, to be taken with a grain of salt.

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“It’s tragic”: how Tom Cruise turned his back on his daughter Suri

In a relationship between 2005 and 2012, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had a little Suri. However, since their heated divorce, the actor follower of Scientology, hardly sees his daughter any more.

After seven years of relationship, Katie Holmes decided to divorce Tom Cruise in 2012. One goal in mind: to protect her daughter Suri from Scientology of which her husband is a member . With her lawyer father, the actress obtained sole custody of her daughter in record time . But although he was granted visitation rights, the stunt actor of the Mission Impossible saga would not see his daughter.

Suri Cruise
Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri in New York last September / Backgrid USA : Bestimage

“There is no sign that they have a relationship, says Tony Ortega, American blogger and author of documentaries and books against Scientology in the columns of Paris Match this Thursday, November 19, “he personally chose the Scientology against his daughter. It’s tragic! ” A situation that the actress seems to regret. After her heated divorce in 2012, Katie Holmes had chosen to move to New York with Suri; to preserve her as much as possible from the media. “It was an intense period. There was a lot of attention, and I had a little girl to deal with in the midst of it all,” the actress recalled in In Style magazine. last March, as reported by our colleagues.

“She is very strong, she has always had a strong personality”

Eight years after her divorce, the actress who made her debut in the Dawson series seems to have found peace, fulfilled by the personality of her 14-year-old daughter Suri today. “ I love her so much . My biggest goal has always been to develop her individuality. I want to make sure that she is 100% herself and that she is strong, confident and capable. Have a conscience. She has always had a strong personality “ she confided about her daughter. When she comes of age, will Suri feel the need to know her father better? Will Tom Cruise give up Scientology for her ? The future will tell.


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