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Certainly, Surviving Mars was released on March 15th. But what do you expect, some tests take longer than others to arrive. As for the culprit, blame the SNCF. An excuse that has proven itself in recent times. In short, let’s talk little, let’s talk about Surviving Mars . The latest from Haemimont Games, the Bulgarians behind Tropica 3 , 4 and 5 and Victor Vran , Surviving Mars puts you in the shoes of a colonist.Exit America or the Moon, the places visited, it is not for you. Direction Mars therefore, on which you will have to found a colony, from A to Z. Is it worth it? This is what we will try to clarify.


Management enthusiasts know that Paradox Interactive is a reference in publishing in the field. Europa Universalis , Crusader Kings , Hearts of Iron , Mount and Blade: Warband , Cities: Skylines , Stellaris , the titles are numerous and the genres different. Usually Paradox has a hollow nose. However, a rotten apple never falls far from the tree. Surviving Mars will make you the origin of a Martian colony. Planning will be your weapon and rockets your plows. As for the soldiers, you’ll need to get by with your robots first, but we’ll get to that.

First of all, you will have to prepare for your mission. Your sponsor will govern both part of your difficulty and certain bonuses acquired. The number of starting rockets, funding, your research, starting candidates and bonus technologies depend on the sponsor. So you have to choose it carefully if you want the future of your colony to be as bright as Matt Damon’s in Alone on Mars . The choice of the Commander’s profile (you) follows, again providing bonuses.


Then comes the famous shopping list or more precisely, the content of your starting rocket. From resources to robots to prefabricated buildings, again, you manage it all. Don’t worry, everything you need will be selected by default. This option is there for those who know what they need before they even get started. Finally, you will need to choose a landing spot. In addition to the predefined locations, you will be able to precisely select your new home. However, beware of threats related to the Red Planet. Storms and dust swirls, meteors and cold waves will take care of pulling down your colony. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to dock (yes it’s ugly).


Surviving Mars thus throws you like a mess on the red planet, accompanied by robots as only company. Thinking of landing with humans? Never mind my brave man. The smartest race in the universe according to us is not going to mess their arches by risking some trouble. You therefore serve as a scout and using your digital machete, will have to arrange the places for the following ones. Here we go , Surviving Mars is finally starting. Dead landscape, red sand, buried secrets and food production will be your daily life. In addition to the many configuration items you may have encountered before, Surviving Marsdoes not lack parameters to take into account. From the happiness of your citizens to their (related?) Alcoholism, you will have to make sure that all these little people do not get screwed.


Your citizens will be housed in domes. Different sizes will be available, as you advance in the expansion of your colony. Initially, your management will be minimal. And for good reason, from the top of your three robots and your few drones, you will not have much to look at. No worries, the bill goes up pretty quickly. Be careful not to evolve too quickly or you might run out of food in the more advanced difficulties. To exploit your resources, you can count on your drones, responsible for constructing the autonomous buildings. To power these buildings, energy is required. Water, electricity and oxygen will accompany you throughout the game and these are the three variables that you will have to deal with the most.

The domes can be arranged as you wish. Special mention to selections internal to buildings such as farms or schools, allowing you to choose precisely what you want to produce there. Here again, according to your needs, not immediate, but close, you will have to think in advance about your future needs. However, specialization is not mandatory, but maximizes your production and gives you the opportunity to develop faster.


To develop yourself, you will be at the head of a financing fund. This jackpot can be used for research, bringing resources to your camp, buying rockets to make more trips. Where Surviving Mars surprises is in citizen management. At first glance, management can turn out to be very simplistic. A few solar panels, a few water extractors and your colony can last for a hundred Sol. Well nay. With the arrival of your colonists, the problems land. Your humans are never happy and tend to breed like rabbits whenever they feel like it. A word of advice: double your pipes and cables. The malfunctions are legion and it would be a shame to lose for having skimped on the installation of the piping.

The research tree, both complete and mysterious, is full of bonuses of all kinds. In addition to buildings, the latter offers you certain bonus choices such as the fact that your pipes can no longer be leaked. The research is long and sometimes you will find yourself leaving your game running for the sole purpose of finishing one research, or more. Nevertheless, the end of the tree is the most interesting, in particular to get rid of waste more cumbersome than a mammoth in a porcelain shop. But before that, you’ll need to keep an eye on your reserves.


The objective, in addition to the extension of your colony, will be to keep a certain balance in your productions. Besides essential resources like water and electricity, polymer, spare parts and electronics will prove to be a headache. A veritable Bermuda Triangle that does not hesitate to swallow up all your chances of returning as soon as one of the three falls into the red. Therein lies the difficulty of Surviving Mars, The constancy. Of course, natural disasters can make your life difficult. However, nothing is as dangerous as an empty electronics store. However, if you are conscientious enough to keep a certain balance between your load-bearing walls, you will be able to spread out and even colonize your entire airstrip, if you feel like it and most importantly, the time.

To meet the growing demand of your colony, you will need to access almost every corner of the place. To do this, you can rely on the tunnels. Elon Musk-style, you’ll travel lightning-fast across the map, carrying water, electricity, and oxygen. A way to grow domes everywhere, like a forest of mushrooms. Once launched, the machine does not stop and colonization is intended to be complete. And for good reason, between the drones, the colonists and your robots, your management will have gone from minimal to enormous. Nevertheless, the settlers are governed by the law of chance. So, if your colony falls into disrepair, it might not be your fault. Reassured?


Surviving Mars is a great experience overall. Martian colonization, which begins on hats, can turn into disaster if you do not take into account the multiple forces of nature that want you to fail. Expansion is rapid when humans arrive, but loses momentum in the middle of the game. We often find ourselves waiting for the end of the research, patiently watching the time go by while our drones do the work for us. The citizen side management is detailed, precise and allows you to carefully select the inhabitants of your colony. However, unlike a RimWorld , Surviving Mars is not going to try to make you fail.The beginning is exciting, but the end a little soft. A good management game that lacks a little something to keep you glued to your seat constantly. Aliens maybe? Finally Xenomorphs.


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video games


video games