Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey: “I’m Gay” … But Just For Fun

Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey:

Is the young actor really coming out?

Update : As we suspected, Tyler Posey backed down. The comedian posted several messages on his Twitter account to say that it was only a joke and that he did not want to hurt anyone.

His statement: ” I am a big believer in love versus hate and have always stood in solidarity during difficult times. Although I am not gay, I fully support the LGBTQ community. I am so sorry if I am not gay. offended people or lessened the importance of coming out. I’m just looking to share the love in this world . “

Yeah …

On July 30 we wrote :

Tyler Posey , 24 and hero of the super popular teen series Teen Wolf , has just come out. It is on his Snapchat account that the attractive actor took the plunge. But is he really serious?

In the video posted to the social network, we can see a more than playful Tyler declaring loudly “This is me, this is what I am”, while filming the Gay Street sign in New York . The young man even adds “I have never felt more alive, I am Gay”. And to get the message across even better, the actor added the Rainbow emoji to his video. A symbol that refers directly to the flag in the colors of the rainbow which is that of the LGBT community.

However, many Tyler admirers on social media wonder if their idol just wasn’t kidding. Because still on Tyler’s Snapchat account, other videos suggest that he was not serious. In the following Snap, Tyler films a lamp and declares that he is “a lamp”. Other fans believe that by “gay” he only meant “happy”. Who to believe?

If it is indeed a joke, it is in very bad taste when you consider the difficulty experienced by thousands of young girls and boys around the world in accepting their homosexuality. What would Charlie Carver and Colton Haynes think, two other actors who starred in Teen Wolf and who recently came out?

Discreet about his private life, Tyler Posey lived a long love relationship of 10 years with his first love Seana Gorlick . The two teenagers had been dating since the age of 12 and were even engaged in 2013. But a year later, in October 2014, we learned that the couple had just separated.


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