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Terminator Genisys movie of Alan Taylor with Emilia Clarke – critic

Terminator Genisys movie

If there is one project that smelled of pate from the start, it is this Terminator Genisys movie, the fifth installment in a franchise that would have gained by sticking to its two initial components. Because despite the endorsement of a James Cameron anyway too busy with his Avatars to really have anything to square with, the first images had left the public with, at best, a more than mixed feeling, at worst, with the eye sockets bloody. The promotion that followed, between a trailer full of spoils and Governator reduced to doing the keke at the slightest opportunity, hammered the nails of a coffin just waiting to be buried.

Terminator Genisys movie critic

While at the exit of Terminator Salvation its director McG proudly trumpeted that his film was the start of a new trilogy, the disappointing box office results and the bankruptcy of the Halcyon Company got the better of his project, leaving the saga at the heart of an uncertain future. Bought by Megan Ellison for its Annapurna Pictures box, the series is back on track under the Skydance banner with the main goal of returning to the fundamentals and therefore to the films of James Cameron. A time considered as director, Justin Lin will prefer to shoot the sixth Fast and Furious, giving way to telemaker Alan Taylor.

With a comfortable budget of 155 million dollars in its luggage and the iconic presence of Arnold Schwarzenneger at the top of the bill, Terminator Genisys movie is therefore supposed to relaunch the saga by starting everything from the beginning, or rather by playing with what has already been done to start over with something new. At least in theory. Because in fact, it’s a hell of a mess.

Beginning with an introduction presenting us again a context and a universe that we know by heart since the first part (must be explained to the youngsters in the background), while taking care to remove all the breath and substance, Terminator Genisys has fun, throughout its first part, to revisit the two films of James Cameron, to reproduce them squarely to the letter while introducing new issues.

An idea not really more stupid than another, but which would have required a minimum of scriptwriting rigor, which this new opus is completely devoid of. Mixing without any coherence the emblematic characters and the different temporalities, this first part is a monument of anything, a kind of hybrid and bastard delirium mixing tribute, fan-service, diversion, remake and reboot in a really disgusting pot, we giving the strange impression of seeing a film summarized by a kid totally confusing the sequences.

After this properly indigestible appetizer, the film ends up adopting a cushy rhythm and plunges us into a deep torpor, casually aligning the most filthy inconsistencies, unspectacular sequences (oh a school bus that turns around like in Hellboy, oh a helicopter flying between two buildings … and?), the clearly visible special effects finding a way to be less successful than those of T2, endlessly tripping over their own plot until the happy ending of rigor, tempting all the same to sell us a future suite based on … well for the blow, we see more too much.

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Unsurprisingly, this new opus smacks of ghastly product, flared without any motivation by an Alan Taylor totally absent behind his combo, chaining the scenes without any rhythm according to the decisions of the producers. As for the casting, do not expect anything, multiplying from the beginning the bad choices. If Emilia Clarke tries to hide her glaring lack of credibility behind a minimum of conviction in the game, her male partners do not even try to appear concerned, between a Jai ​​Courtney with the charisma of a warthog, a Jason Clarke closer to the psychopath escaped from ‘an asylum that of the charismatic leader, a Lee Byung-Hun contenting himself with five short minutes of presence and a dismaying Schwarzy, lost between a low humor of the forehead and the desire to put an end to this bullshit as quickly as possible.

The umpteenth sequel / remake / reboot shit by the producers’ anus having absolutely nothing to give a shit about the spectators to whom they extract flouze, Terminator Genisys movie is a complete failure, as stupid and ugly as boring and badly shaken. A failed attempt which, judging by the last extremely negative echoes, should not make small and leave us alone for a little while. So let’s take advantage of this short respite before attacking the anus again.


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