The invasion of Area 51 did not take place

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On Facebook, they had met on September 20 to invade Area 51, Nevada’s secret military base supposed to house extraterrestrials. But they were only 3000 to answer the call instead of the expected two million.

On social networks, the invasion has taken place. The hashtags # zone51, # area51raid and # area51storm were leading Twitter trends. The memes, more or less funny based on aliens and flying saucers, were shared with enthusiasm. But on the spot what happened? Alas (or fortunately), not much.

However, the Facebook event created in June had gathered more than two million people ready to surge on this secret military base in Nevada, the source of countless conspiracy theories, the most popular of which is that it would house extraterrestrial entities. “If we run like Naruto (manga character), we can move faster than their balls. Let’s go see the aliens! It is difficult to take such a call seriously. However, quickly overwhelmed by the buzz, its initiator, Matty Roberts, had to back down, explaining that it was a simple joke.

It was nevertheless difficult to estimate in advance the number of participants convinced of being invited to a historic event. The authorities did not hide some concern, because whether or not it hosts extraterrestrials, Area 51 remains an ultra-sensitive military site whose existence was not recognized until 2013 with the declassification of 407 pages of CIA documents . Prototypes of secret planes are developed and tested there as the first stealth fighters in the late 1970s. And the guards who monitor the area have the right to shoot intruders on sight …

But no bullet whistled near the ears of the 3000 UFO fans, happy and often in disguise. The few Naruto-style races captured by American TV cameras attest more to a generous consumption of beer than a clear desire to storm the base. In the small eccentric crowd, we even recognize a few personalities like the porn star, Riley Reid, accompanied by YouTuber Danny Philippou.

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Asked by CNN, County Sheriff Kerry Lee confirmed that he had no great difficulty in convincing the most determined to temper their ardor: “When we explained to them what they were exposing themselves to, they thought about it. twice. Ultimately, the results of this “storm” come down to the arrest of a Canadian national for “indecent behavior” and the brief detention of a young woman who had come too close to the fence surrounding the area.

The sheriff is even delighted with his day: “People behaved very well, they reacted positively to our recommendations and everything went very well. ”

As for the man behind this good-natured raid, Matty Roberts, he once considered having a festival, Alienstock, in Rachel, a small town near the base. An idea which will remain, again, a dead letter, due to the lack of infrastructure capable of accommodating a large audience. And since the quiet occupants of Area 51 don’t seem willing to open a resort, this alien Woodstock is not about to emerge.


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