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The Living Daylights movie with Timothy Dalton by John Glen – critic

The Living Daylights movie

For this fifteenth adventure, James Bond is finally getting a makeover. Following the departure of Roger Moore (it was about time!), The famous secret agent is this time embodied by Timothy Dalton (who had already refused to succeed Sean Connery, being too young), styling Sam Neil and a Pierce Brosnan at the pole stuck on Remington Steele. This is our critic of The Living Daylights movie.

The Living Daylights movie critic

In barely two hours, Timothy Dalton avenges us for the painful previous years placed under the sign of gaudriole and semi-parody. Completely believable and inhabited, the actor composes a very interesting 007, with many facets, by turns determined, tongue-in-cheek, almost cold and borderline manipulative, entirely dedicated to his mission but capable of real emotions when the situation turns. ready for it.

In front of him, the rest of the cast does not demerit, composed among others of Maryam D’Abo, John Rhys-Davies and Joe Don Baker. The mythical characters of Moneypenny and Félix Leiter are also getting a facelift, respectively played by Caroline Bliss and John Terry. Too bad the main bad guys lack a bit of charisma and stature.

Rediscovering a serious tone, The Living Daylights movie unfolds a plot without much surprise and nicely obeying the rules of the genre, but is nonetheless pleasant to follow, once again dressed in its garb of a spy story. Same story with regard to a square and efficient staging, classic in a good sense.

There remains the problem of witnessing a spectacle that is rarely striking and unnecessarily stretching, clearly lacking memorable sequences even if the combat in the air remains quite impressive. Promising, The Living Daylights movie is an episode perhaps a little too shy and marked out, to see especially for its approach to the first degree and for the impeccable interpretation of Timothy Dalton, of a mad class.

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