This couple, parents of 14 boys, has finally given birth to a girl!

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This is what you might call a large family, even a VERY large family. This story that we are going to tell you obviously takes place in the land of excess, the United States.

The Detroit Free Press , the newspaper that first published this information, had fun writing: “A boy, a boy, a boy, a boy, a boy, a boy, a boy, a boy, a boy, a boy , a boy, a boy, a boy, a boy and now a girl ! ” . It must be said that this is a nice summary of the Schwandt family.

This American couple, who live in western Michigan, have 15 children! A large family like there are many in the country which is currently electing its president . But a large family like the Schwandts doesn’t run in the streets. And for good reason, as you can understand, they had … 14 boys in a row !

We give you the first names: Tyler, Zach, Drew, Brandon, Tommy, Vinny, Calvan, Gabe, Wesley, Charlie, Luke, Tucker, Francisco and Finley. This week, at the age of 45, mum Kateri gave birth to her 15th child. And it is … a little girl! She is doing well and her first name is Maggie Jayne. A revolution and a joy in the family. “We are overwhelmed with joy and very excited to welcome Maggie Jayne into our family. Maggie is the best gift we could hope for, “ said the dad.

The eldest, Tyler, says he still can’t get over it. He even says: “I don’t even know if my mother has a single pink garment” . The Schwandts have a small reputation in their corner of America: they are the stars of their own show, “14 Outdoorsmen” , which can be translated as “14 boys who love the great outdoors” . One thing is certain: they will have to rename this program … Or else create their own rugby team ! 


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