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Thor Ragnarok movie with Chris Hemsworth – critic

Thor Ragnarok movie

Having watched two first entertaining borderline films, I no longer believed in the potential of the film series putting our favorite Lightning Hammer Bearer in context, I couldn’t even make up my mind whether or not to watch this third feature film, as Thor did not have the merit of being represented as worthily and honorably as his colleagues such as Captain America or Guardians of the Galaxy. This is our critic of Thor Ragnarok movie.

Thor Ragnarok movie critic

As I’m used to watching every movie coming out of the Marvel Universe and every production is more or less linked to each other, so it was obvious that watching Thor Ragnarok movie was a necessity to ensure a correct progress of each superhero in the cinematic universe. So it is with this in mind that I embarked on this viewing with a good heart, this time hoping for a miracle. For the producers, the wait was inevitable, they had no room for mistakes and this trilogy had to be taken much more seriously, since it had started in the wrong direction, both artistic and scriptwriting.

After watching Thor Ragnarok movie, I clearly noticed that the technical team once again applied a new cinematic recipe, with a new director in charge. Big changes that make this third Thor a saving and much more than surprising catch. It all starts with a well-set start, where Thor on purpose angered a great demon, in a very inspired corner of hell. This is followed by an extremely well mastered fight, with a prodigious staging and a very well-regulated fluidity of camera movement.

The shot that follows the hammer banging each creature one by one and the hard rock music giving off a thunderous vibe during this clash are sincere clues, making us believe that we have stumbled upon pure, simple, and great entertainment. And everything else in the feature film is very promising, where director Taika Waititi literally breaks all the usual codes of Marvel films.

It seems that this artist had absolutely no constraints imposed by the producers, he made this third opus in his own way, like a sort of space opera of classic cinema. It was a big risk, but a far more than satisfactory and acceptable risk. This sight is therefore a dizzying surprise and it is not the only one that can be noticed during the viewing. With an overall well-selected cast, one can rejoice in the seldom-felt happiness watching a Marvel film.

Chris Hemsworth lets go freely, whether in the hits or in the lyrics. It describes a new Thor, crazier, more reckless, and more brawler than that of the first two films. Tom Hiddleston is back, after a three-year hiatus with Marvel, to play the illusory and evil Loki. Jeff Goldblum plays a supreme king of a very high-tech kingdom, bringing his protagonist to life in all subtlety, with lines that hit the mark.

Cate Blanchett, one of the brightest actresses of our generation, effortlessly dons the clingy outfit of the death goddess Hela and embodies her to perfection with unmatched style and face. There are very few villains in Marvel movies, and this one really impressed me with her incredible power to throw blades, limitlessly and with unprecedented passion.

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The actress brings an irresistible charm to the vengeful supervillain, an indispensable asset and enough to make enough impression. In addition to this magnificent cast of actors, Mark Ruffalo also joins the cast and plays a Hulk as we have always dreamed of seeing, exuding extreme violence and a devastating desire to destroy anything in its path. His fight with Thor is a magical visual delight worthy of a high-level spectacle.

We already had a preview in the movie Avengers but this is the total. I like how Thor behaves like a lucky one, happily declaring to everyone that we both know each other! He is a co-worker. And it’s still fun when the Hulk runs like crazy towards Thor and the poor last one screaming Oh it’s not true! Definitely, we have something to be amazed many times during the playback of Thor Ragnarok movie.

Breathtaking action scenes, a more detailed description of the realm of Asgard and Thor, balanced and adequate character participation, uninhibited humor completely assumed, special effects of an irreproachable quality, a brilliant cameo Stan Lee’s wacky hairstylist, well-thought-out lines, these are really the ingredients that are needed to create a perfectly respectable Marvel film, to even make this production the archetypal Marvel feature films.


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