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Thunder Road movie with Jim Cummings – critic

Thunder Road movie

To help you understand, Cummings was the average dude in college who made jokes that made everyone uncomfortable. Today he makes films of it and you understand how much behind his humor at the time is the same as you are today with his talent. This is our critic of Thunder Road movie.

Thunder Road movie critic

Thunder Road is a mundane story that actually isn’t, with mundane characters who actually aren’t.

Every time you say to yourself ouch it stinks of the cliché it will make magic with it and make you want to be a divorcee with a daddy cop.

Before viewing he even dares to tell you Fell free to cry and laugh – Cimer dude for your mega original advice. Except at the end of the movie you will say thank you to her for relieving you.

The guy is the master of his film from A to Z as he does pretty much everything from the lead role to the production to the music composition but he doesn’t collapse under a Dolan ego. He allows you to say your opinion without being a plague victim.

In addition to that the kid he knows how to realize; you also travel through the framing, the light, the camera movements but it remains readable. Basically you took a slap and can explain why.

Jim Cummings in all this

Jim Cummings is basically a young marketer who produces advertisements. Not an actor, not a director.

And then one day, he decides to make a short film on Vimeo. Then another day, he raises money to make a feature film. And in the end, it looks like genius: we laugh, we cry, so that in the end we don’t even know if we should laugh or cry.

Jim Cummings’ playing is perfect in Thunder Road movie (I repeat, NOT AN ACTOR at the base, a great feat), the shots are beautiful and well orchestrated, the sequence shots and monologues are magnificent. We are fond of the young father of a recently divorced cop who is, lost in his life after the death of his mother and losing everything: wife, children, family.

I obviously do not reveal the end because it deserves to be seen. You should see it. No, go see him, it’s an order. It is a jewel of freshness, aesthetics and emotions.

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