Tom cruise age: still young or too old for action movies

tom cruise age old

One of the most influential men in American show business and also the most controversial. Long adored, he is now known more for his involvement in the Scientology sect than for the mixed success of the blockbusters in which he participates. His marriage to Katie Holmes in November 2006, long considered a publicity stunt, was much criticized. Has Tom lost his popularity? Is Tom cruise age still right for action movies?

Tom Cruise age: kicked out of a project because “He’s too old for this stuff”

Known for signing all his impressive stunts, has Tom Cruise passed the age of playing hotheads? According to Lee Child, the creator of Jack Reacher , the 57-year-old actor should even consider quitting action movies: “He’s too old for that sort of thing . ” Ouch!

Cruise ousted from Jack Reacher series

Lee Child reflects on Tom Cruise’s reaction to the news that he would no longer be the face of Jack Reacher . “Tom Cruise was very reluctant. He had invested a lot in it, he wanted to oppose it” , explains Lee Child, before supporting his choice of a new cast: “It will sound extremely condescending, but I thinks it’s better for him. He’s too old for that sort of thing .  If Tom Cruise does not want to give up this role, for Lee Child the actor would do better to consider a serious turning point in his career: “He is 57 years old, he must move on, that he turns to more dramatic roles “ . A remark, we imagine,difficult for Tom Cruise to take.

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Tom Cruise age, exhausted?

Parachute jump, helicopter piloting, stunt on the wing of a plane in full take-off, motorcycle chase … is Tom Cruise still capable of performing all his impressive stunts? His spectacular accident in 2017 while jumping from a building for the filming of Mission Impossible 6: Fallout has stuck in everyone’s mind … Although he no longer has the physique of his 20 years as in Top Gun , Tom Cruise remains very demanding and trains whenever he can. Moreover Lee Child confirms the great form of the 57-year-old actor: “He could go on for another 20 years like that (making action films, note). He has the talent for”. The creator of Jack Reacher therefore wishes him simply to diversify his roles.

tom cruise young age old

However, for Tom Cruise, we have to believe that age is in the head: Jack Reacher, is it over for him? Regardless, the actor is already involved in two Mission: Impossible , the seventh and eighth episodes of the iconic saga. And that’s without counting the second installment of Edge of Tomorrow expected for 2020, or Top Gun: Maverick , whose trailer was the surprise of Comic Con in San Diego this summer and which will be released on July 15, 2020. Tom Cruise could certainly move on to composing roles, but how can you turn your back on such a passion for adrenaline?

Tom cruise age is no limit: 10 greatest of his filming exploits prove it

Known to perform the vast majority of his stunts himself, Tom Cruise has achieved dozens of feats in nearly 40 years of career. As the filming of “Mission Impossible 7” has resumed service, giving rise to new exploits from the 58-year-old actor, a round-up of the biggest challenges the actor has set for himself.

From the first Mission Impossible, released in 1996 to today, the actor walks adrenaline, and the more the years go by, the higher he sets the bar. On land, in the air and even under water, nothing seems to be able to stop the American.

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A motorcycle jump for “mission impossible 7” 

If the release of “Mission Impossible 7”, still directed by Christopher McQuarrie, has been postponed to November 2021, filming has resumed and, with it, Tom Cruise dons his stunt suit again. Its latest feat dates back to early September in Norway and it is once again breathtaking. The actor performs a new motorized stunt. On the handlebars of a motorbike, he soars on a springboard and is propelled into the air with his machine, which ends his fall tens of meters lower as Tom Cruise opens his parachute to land safely. 

High risk takeoff in “mission impossible 5”

Nothing is impossible for Tom Cruise. In “Rogue Nation – Mission Impossible 5”, released in 2015 and already directed by Christopher McQuarrie, the actor defied the laws of weightlessness and performed one of the most dangerous stunts of his career: to hang on to the cabin of an Airbus A 400 M in full take-off. A feat performed without a liner that required eight takes, Tom Cruise risking his life each time. He also admits not having slept the day before this sequence.

A climbing session on Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai for “Mission Impossible 4”

Tom Cruise is not subject to vertigo. In 2011, he set out to climb the tallest skyscraper in the world for the purposes of “Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol”, directed by Brad Bird. The actor soars from a window before spinning in the air and climbing on the glass wall, to more than 2400 meters in height.

Suspended in the void in “mission impossible 2”: Tom Cruise age isn’t an issue

This is not the first time that Tom Cruise has challenged the laws of weightlessness. In 2000, “Mission Impossible 2” already opened with a breathtaking climbing session. Tour in the heart of nature, in Moab, Utah, Tom Cruise climbs the glowing rock with his bare hands before hanging himself in the void several hundred meters high. A stunt of which the director John Woo keeps an unforgettable memory explaining during the release of the film that he still had “goose bumps.” Tom was suspended from this cliff several hundred meters high, tracked by a helicopter whose blades brushed against him. But he didn’t just take one take, he demanded that we redo the scene over and over again until it was perfect. But I understand and Iadmire his perfectionism ”as reported at the time Allociné.

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A very high risk jump in “mission impossible 6”

In 2018, Tom Cruise launches a new challenge and realizes in “Fallout”, under the direction of Christopher McQuarrie, a HALO Jump whose acronym stands for High altitude, low open. This military technique consists of jumping at high altitude and opening your parachute at very low altitude in order to enter a territory without being spotted. The first actor to perform this somersault facing the camera, according to Paramount, the actor trained for a year to perform this jump and take off from a plane at 7,600 meters above sea level equipped with a special mask supplied with oxygen. This scene required 100 takes, especially since it had to be held at sunset, leaving only a window of a few minutes each day to make the jump.

When the actor becomes a helicopter pilot for “mission impossible 6”

To carry out his stunts himself, Tom Cruise did not hesitate to learn to fly a helicopter, always for the needs of the sixth opus of the saga “Mission Impossible” which multiplies the incredible feats on the screen. But even more, he devoted himself to the figures performed on board his aircraft, namely performing several twists between two mountain sides. An extremely difficult and dangerous exercise for which he worked hard, showing an iron discipline.

A chase place of the star in “mission impossible 6”

Since “Top Gun” released in 1986, where he caused a sensation in particular with his hair in the wind on his motorcycle, Tom Cruise regularly appears on the screen riding on a car launched at full speed. Also for the sixth installment of the “Mission Impossible” saga, he sets off again on his motorcycle during a chase in the streets of Paris. And this time, the actor offers himself a trip against the grain on the Place de l’Etoile.

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A six-minute apnea in “mission impossible 5”

Often in the air or throwing at full speed on the asphalt, Tom Cruise has indulged in a new major challenge in “Rogue Nation”. Thus, the actor spent nearly six minutes in apnea to perform one of the scenes of this fifth installment of “Mission Impossible” and underwent intensive diving training.

Suspended from a wire balanced in “mission impossible 1”

In the first opus of the “Mission Impossible” saga, Tom Cruise, held together by a simple thread, remains suspended in the air horizontally. This is not one of the most impressive stunts on the screen, it is however a real physical feat that the actor achieved by remaining in this position without moving for long seconds.

The self control of tom cruise in “mission impossible 2”

If the actor multiplies the physical prowess, it is of coolness which he had to show in “Mission impossible 2” for this scene of knife fight which opposes him to Dougray Scoot. Furthermore, the cold weapon which stops a few millimeters from the actor’s eyes is very real. 


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