Tom Cruise daughter refuses to move into his luxurious home

Tom Cruise daughter

He wanted to try a family reunification. The health crisis, no doubt, prompted Tom Cruise to ask his eldest daughter to come and live with him, in his large, over-equipped house in London. Tom Cruise daughter refused the offer. Alas, he can tell her “Ciao Bella” …

Tom Cruise daughter refuses to move into his luxurious home in London

It’s no secret that Tom Cruise struggles with his children. His relationship with Suri , his youngest child, is non-existent and his eldest daughter, Isabella – known as Bella – has just refused to move in with him. The offer was, however, rather enticing. For two years, the actor has lived in a historic residence that once belonged to the Queen, which he rents for the equivalent of 455,000 dollars per month. He therefore suggested that the young woman join him to take advantage of the many advantages offered by this property: four bedrooms, four floors, an indoor swimming pool, a small personal supermarket, a spa and a breathtaking view.

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“Tom Cruise can call room service at restaurants at the Corinthia Residence ,” a Dailymail source explains . ” Star chef Tom Kerridge’s Bar & Grill, for example .” Unfortunately, this large building located at 10 Downing Street in London is not to Isabella’s liking. According to her daddy’s neighbors, she would prefer to live in a more discreet, less prosperous way, not attracted by the luxurious life she lived when she was younger. She is currently staying with her husband Max Parker , a computer consultant, and their pet – a reptile – near Croydon, in the south of the British capital.


Really, Bella is not very close to her parents. Adopted in 1992 by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman , the 27-year-old has cut ties with her mother for years. As the actress explained, heartbroken, her daughter preferred Scientology to her … just like her brother Connor. That’s why she didn’t attend her wedding to Max Parker in 2015. ” It’s our job, as parents, to give them unconditional love. Nothing else ,” she told The Sun. What a child needs is love and I’m here to love and support them. Being a mother is a journey. There will always be amazing peaks, valleys, whether you are a foster mother or organic … “


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