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Twin Peaks series with Kyle MacLachlan – critic

Twin Peaks movie

A lost little town in Washington state. The atrocious murder of a broke young girl in the prime of her life. An agent of F.B.I. will be in charge of the case. Residents nowhere near as innocent as they claim. Just like the victim, this Laura Palmer with the angelic face hiding a dark side which only asked to go out. Because once the pretty varnish has been scratched, it is strangeness, vice, madness, evil that appear. This is our critic of Twin Peaks series.

Twin Peaks series critic

Imagined by David Lynch and Mike Frost after the abandonment of a film about Marilyn Monroe, Twin Peaks is a little Blue Velvet told over thirty episodes. They are protagonists, each more twisted than the next, it is an invisible world lined with red, it is a dwarf who speaks in verlan, it is a woman who speaks with her log, it is a pure concentrate of delirium and dreaminess, to a hasty end in the form of a gigantic mindfuck.

A last unloved, wobbly, sometimes clumsy part, both Lynch and Frost seem to lose control of their schizophrenic creature once the murderer is revealed. No matter the lengths, no matter the frustration at a program that is too crazy to last on the air and which will never really end. Besides, do we really want a conclusion to all this? Don’t we prefer to leave the characters in their madness, in the mental labyrinth that holds them prisoners?

True cathodic revolution, whether or not we drop the proposal of Lynch and Frost, Twin Peaks series obviously has flaws. Some sub-plots don’t add anything. Some characters and performers shine with their blandness, Lara Flynn Boyle and James Marshall in the lead. But this is nothing but trivial matters in the face of the power of such a universe, in the face of the madness of a handful of unforgettable supporting roles, in the face of the enthusiasm and blissful determination of Agent Cooper, and above all, in the face of to the importance, to the influence of a series like Twin Peaks on television, on cinema, on counter-culture.

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What more can be said ? Nothing. If not encourage you to give it a try. And if it’s already done, you are surely still there. Enjoying a good cherry pie or trying in vain to understand the mystery of Twin Peaks series.


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