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Upgrade movie with Logan Marshall-Green – critic

upgrade movie

upgrade movie is a hell of a good surprise. In the doldrums of Netflix movies, or DTV movies that we can meet over the course of our viewing hours, Upgrade comes like a breath of fresh air. Starting off quite skeptical, I came out conquered.

upgrade movie critic

First of all thanks to a sober but effective realization. Keith Whannell does a neat, precise job. His ideas of realization to transcribe on the screen the increased capacities of our hero when STEM “takes the hand” are devilishly well found, and this as well on the visual level as sound. These fluid camera movements paired with immersive sound effects give the action a breathtaking and uplifting edge. Whannell avoids flashy effects, resulting in legible and convincing fights, while proving the Upgrade side of STEM.

The atmosphere contributes to the success of the project. We are plunged into a not so distant future, deeply pessimistic, in which the judicial authorities are overtaken by the bandits despite their advanced technological means. Criminals are one step ahead of them, and this way of showing helpless police in the midst of society’s muck is chilling.

We are plunged most of the time in darkness, in dirty surroundings, like what has become of society.

Several interesting themes are discussed in upgrade movie, such as the dangers of technological advances, their repercussions on a society (unemployment) in search of a better world (virtual reality) and the resulting social divide.
Already discussed elsewhere, not very innovative on this point, certainly, but damn effective.

The scenario is very divisive. On the one hand, he’s very smart, and made me appreciate the film even more. On the other hand, it contains inconsistencies or borderline unforgivable gray areas.

The final twist is as awesome as it is unexpected. But unfortunately, it is also the source of inconsistencies that particularly bother me. That is to say that if STEM is at the origin of everything, directs its creator and its company, I do not understand the scene of the hacker. Indeed, if STEM is running Eron Keen and wants to take full control of a healthy human (in this case Gray Trace) that he has chosen, why does STEM let Eron attempt to disconnect him, forcing Gray to do call a hacker? I’m not usually picky about inconsistencies, but something escapes me and it annoys me. There are 15 unnecessary minutes suddenly casually.

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Finally, this is the only black point in upgrade movie. For the rest, it’s a good show. The action is good and the sound excellent. There is no downtime, the plot spins at full speed and leaves only few repeats. It’s a movie to see in theaters !!! A quality action movie like this, we don’t find a lot of it these days.


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