War for planet of the apes: movie replayed by hungry primates

war for planet of the apes 2001

War for planet of the apes 2001 replayed in real life by Hundreds of monkeys, clashed in the streets of Lopburi, Thailand. Some believe it is a consequence of the decline in tourism due to the coronavirus.

War for planet of the apes 2001 movie replayed by hungry primates in a Thai city

war for planet of the apes
War for planet of the apes 2001 movie replayed IN REAL LIFE by hungry primates

Residents of Lopburi, Thailand witnessed a surreal scene on March 11. Hundreds of monkeys invaded the city center and fought in the middle of the street.
A remix of “Planet of the Apes”

Several videos and photos were shared on social media and quickly went viral. A certain Sasaluk Rattanachai shared several of them on his Facebook account.

As you can see from these two videos, the monkeys have simply invaded downtown Lopburi. Some shocked residents fled the square. Others, like Sasaluk Rattanachai, seemed amused by this cover of “Planet of the Apes”.

planet of the apes 2001
A scene from planet of the Apes movie franchise

Are the Monkeys starving because of the coronavirus?

Lopburi attracts tourists because it concentrates several groups of thousands of monkeys in its surroundings. Some even explain that they are divided into several “rival gangs”: that of the monkeys of the temple and that of the monkeys of the city.

For many residents of Lopburi, if the monkeys got together and beat in the city center, it would be because of the coronavirus. They explain that because of the current pandemic, there are fewer and fewer tourists coming.

However, tourists constantly fed the monkeys. Without this food supply, the starving monkeys therefore drove around town to find something to eat. Which would have given rise to these impressive clashes.

A plausible theory, although it is difficult to understand exactly what caused these scenes of chaos. Others feel it’s because of the unbearable heat that makes them angry, kind of like War for planet of the apes 2001.

Trailer of the movie War for the planet of the apes


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