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Weathering With You animation by Makoto Shinkai – critic

Weathering With You animation

The fantastic argument is obviously reminiscent of Your Name. Just like this love torn by separation, one of the most immutable elements of Makoto Shinkai’s filmography. But reducing Weathering With You animation to a simple comparison with its big brother would be a disappointment, especially since it will inevitably turn to the disadvantage of the last-born.

Weathering With You animation critic

Even if we must admit that Weathering With You is less dazzling than its elder, it is nonetheless very fascinating.

It might also be necessary to look, at first, on the side of the kiosk of The Garden of Words, which also housed the relations dear to Makoto Shinkai of this rain which takes on the appearance of a biblical flood today.

The technical invoice is still as polished, the director delivering us a new visual feast of the most magnificent. At the service of an unbridled urbanity, uninhibited in its advertising invasion, consumerist and materialist under the prism of drops of water that make figures as many tears streaming from the cheeks of the sky.

As if the gloomy, submerged city of Tokyo had to be saved. Making trendy Shinto spirituality an essential part of Weathering With You. Like this sensitivity of first love, this touching awkwardness, this humor already present in Your Name, but which never eclipses the tenderness and benevolence that the public will inevitably nourish towards the star couple. Juvenile. Strong. Delicate. A nascent and fragile love which will culminate in a last lyrical, poetic, aerial part. After taking his time to feed him and irrigate him with the purest feelings and childhood left to itself but always moving forward.

Even though the influence of adults has never been so significant as in Weathering With You animation, representing a threat and dramatic stakes equal in force with the fantastic and the supernatural summoned. This new influence in Shinkai may be preventing his last effort from fully developing, keeping him somewhat on solid ground. But it does not prevent Weathering With You from delivering images of crazy poetry, even when it is applied to the concrete of the city. A poetry that transcends itself in Hodaka’s desperate desire to save her loved one or when she caresses Hina’s translucent and iridescent body.

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Makoto Shinkai is therefore far from having lost his mojo: magical, bewitching, fragile, lyrical, vibrating with a warm light and a pure ideal, a distraught romanticism, his last effort stands out as a new success of the part of its director, always so inspired and sensitive, adding this time to his universe a slightly more global, ecological point of view, on an immutable world in its repetition in the face of human existence which can only be fleeting and ultimately tiny.

Yes, Weathering With You animation is obviously less dazzling. But it remains nonetheless an aesthetic and romantic fresco moving, sincere and modern as pure as a drop of rain.


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