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Wind River movie with Jeremy Renner – critic

Wind River movie

After taking part in the making of the films Sicario and Comancheria as a screenwriter, Taylor Sheridan for the first time in his film career goes behind the camera, to conclude a trilogy centered on the modern American border. This artist was keen to put in place a respectable and completely honest production in his history, especially since the production deals with very sensitive subjects which his Native American friends have suffered in real life. This is our critic of Wind River movie.

Wind River movie critic

Taylor wanted so much to be sure of his script that he sent it to some tribes living in the Wind River Indian Reservation. By doing so, Taylor Sheridan could only reassure his audience, he was putting all his chances on his side. I haven’t seen the Comancheria production, but I have seen Sicario. I remember very well that it was a thriller put together with great tact and finesse, with a carefully crafted script and a very unexpected final ending as a medium.

So I knew what kind of realization I was watching, I had exactly the same satisfaction as that of Sicario. The director had two cards to play to give a certain punchy and characteristic personal tone to his feature film: the Native American population and the fabulous snowy natural settings of the environment.

With these strengths coming together without the slightest complexity, Taylor Sheridan creates an exemplary thriller that is quite addicting on several technical points. The story of Wind River movie unfolds in a healthy slowness and devoid of any misunderstanding. It quietly leaves a very catchy suspense, while highlighting the human and uncertain facet of the Amerindians on their own territory. The whole film is a particularly interesting and intriguing study of the New America, depicting the mountainous and snowy surroundings of Wind River as wild, brutal and dangerous territory.

It’s really nice to see sets used intelligently to develop a new genre of film or a new cinematic experience. To this day, I haven’t seen many that did it with so much skill like Dominic Sena’s Whiteout, a run-of-the-mill police investigation set in Antarctica. In this feature film, I know that the sets mean something, it is even a major part of the film to understand a crucial point of the investigation as the main couple let us know gradually, very well played by elsewhere by Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen.

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Surprisingly, the director hired real Native Americans to make them camp characters, which is pretty daring but incredibly effective. There is nothing better to put real people to represent with dignity characters who deserve to be treated well. And for a first achievement, Wind River movie is not bad at all overall. The staging is solid and irreproachable, we have a real follow-up of the characters in their police progress, we are constantly amazed by the magnificence of the natural settings and we are inevitably submerged in a skillfully tense and tenacious atmosphere. I have the impression that it is a director of the same genre as Denis Villeneuve who is being born, I would be curious to discover his next cinematographic projects.


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