Woman arrested for harassment after being caught on video “twerking” on stranger inside store

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One woman has been arrested and another is being approached by the Washington police (USA) for sexual harassment of a gas station customer. The case was registered in October 2015, but gained notoriety after the police released the video of the security cameras that show the action of the two on a man who is on the cell phone while making a withdrawal at an ATM and proceeds to the payment box. . The images show when a woman perceives the boy and starts dancing, in contact with him, and then another woman starts to touch him on the private parts, several times, while he tries to dissuade them.

To the Fox 5 TV channel , the victim, who declined to be identified, said he filed a complaint on the spot, over the phone – and was the target of moral lynching on the internet for that. According to him, at the time of the action he believed that they were transvestites or men dressed as women and then thought that they could be prostitutes and their lives could be at risk. “It just occurred to me that they could have pimps outside the gas station’s convenience store, armed, and that if I reacted brutally or in a way they didn’t like, I could be killed. I really feared. And they still followed me to the car, ”he said.

Ayanna Marie Knight, 22, is a Las Vegas native and was arrested last Tuesday on charges of third-degree sexual abuse. Her friend, still without identification, is still being sought.


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