Woman’s attempt at braided hairstyle has awkward end result that looks very X-rated

sex rated hairstyle
Do you think it looks rude? (Image: Twitter)

So often we see fashion and beauty looks that we love and want to try out for ourselves.

But sometimes when it comes down to it, they just don’t suit us or look as fabulous as we’d hoped.

One person learnt this the hard way after deciding to attempt an intricate braided hairstyle on her long hair.

The unnamed woman totally nailed the delicate hairdo, but the final result didn’t quite have the wow factor she’d expected.

Instead she soon realised that the whole thing looked rather X-rated.

The woman shared a photo on social media of the look and dirty-minded people couldn’t resist comparing her hair to a phallic object.

Several people tweeted to say they had mistaken the hair pictures for a man’s genitals or sex toy.

Style blogger Stephanie Yeboah shared the images, captioning her post: “I must be tired because I thought this was the throbbiest of penises.”

The post went viral, with more than 2,000 people liked her tweet, with hundreds commenting on it to share their agreement.

One person replied: “It wasn’t until I read your tweet that I realised it wasn’t.”

Another said: “I thought you’d just posted a giant penis too… my eyes were shooketh.”

A third confessed: “OMG me too, I had to double take at it.”

“Hot damn, I did too. A real weird one,” added someone else.

Guess it’s probably not a good idea to give this hairstyle a go… we’ll find something else to try.


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