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Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot – critic

Wonder Woman movie

After a highly persuasive display of her aggressiveness during a clash with a space monster in the production Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman is back on the big screen but this time in a feature film specially centered on his exploits and his pursuit of a celestial evil. Like some of her peers, Wonder Woman had the right to a few appearances in low budget series, cartoons or films, before she had the honor of being taken up with more seriousness and application in a true and great film production. This is our critic of Wonder Woman movie.

Wonder Woman movie critic

This project was going to be a breath of fresh air, an ambitious project and the start of a new era in the world of superheroes because it is a woman who occupies the main role, a warrior using her famous lasso of truth and of his bracelets of magical strength. The stake is not exactly the same as that of a film which clearly highlights a superhero, it is not simply a question of conquering an audience but squarely of proving that women have their place in badass roles in superhero films, particularly in universes more or less considered manly like DC or Marvel. In addition, we can specify that most films featuring a woman with powers are unforgivable failures like Elektra or Catwoman.

The stake was too high, no question of wasting the potential of a super-heroine who can do wonders on the big screen and yet, not having cold feet, the Warner Bros. studios took the risk to engage the young and unknown director Patty Jenkins, far from being a follower of the realization of blockbusters with explosive special effects. I’ve only seen the movie Monsters directed by the same director, a pretty fucked up detective movie with an unrecognizable and well-exploited Charlize Theron but nothing to do with such an unexpected and insane production as Wonder Woman.

I was a little worried for a while but after seeing the trailer, Wonder Woman movie had all the qualities I needed to win me over. Especially since the director was not alone, she was certainly well supported by a technical team who know their jobs very well, this only heightened my interest in seeing the feature film in theaters. First action scenes seen, sets of the island of the Amazons inspired by the sumptuous places of Italy observed, everything seemed to me to be on course for this Wonder Woman to be a film made with the right ingredients of a good blockbuster.

A meticulously organized management of life, Amazons interpreted by great sportswomen, a pure paradise island and a bombastic respect for nature, everything was well applied to start the film on a good basis and to carefully develop Diane Prince’s evolution. in his draconian apprenticeship in the art of the sword. Then, actress Gal Gadot takes her first steps in her role as a warrior thirsty for justice. Since her appearance in Fast & Furious 6, the actress seems to have changed quite a bit physically.

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More muscles, more graceful forms, the physical appearance of a man without losing any of her femininity, Gal Gadot probably knew that she had won a role which she had no right to make mistakes. Having practically convinced me in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, the actress was only confirming what I had already seen, a true fierce and fearless warrior, ready to rush towards danger without questioning herself. . She wears her ancient fighter’s outfit wonderfully and throws a good batch of lines of great moral value, very deep, with a lot of subtlety.

The latter surprises us in every action scene, without the slightest exaggeration and with beautifully executed attack movements. She is accompanied by an array of actors and actresses very well applied in their roles, including a majestic Connie Nielsen in her supreme role of Queen Hippolyte and a Chris Pine who is not at all overlooked in her secondary male role, even if it is he who accompanies the woman in her exploits and not the other way around, as we can see in most action films.

Obviously, with a storyline set during World War I and a superheroine in the heat of the moment, feminism was going to strike on all fronts. I have heard nonsense of all kinds, I even believe that the film has been banned from screening in certain countries of the Middle East following comments concerning feminism or the history of the actress, it is said that it is very frowned upon, that it is unacceptable to see such treatment of a warrior and so on.

As far as I am concerned, I find that it is well balanced, that nothing is dishonored at all and that the production is watched without the slightest moral or emotional embarrassment, it is conceived like a superhero film with the adequate rhythm, action scenes which throw some, a camera generally well placed, a sound environment accompanying all the explosive situations without harshness and spectacular special effects. We dreadfully break all the clichés or stereotypes of superhero movies without causing the slightest shock for me, with a little romance and humor well integrated between the hectic scenes.

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As for a breath of fresh air, it’s mission accomplished. I noticed no imperfections, just details a bit abused or explanations that lack clarity, especially on the involvement of the antagonists in the film. Regardless, the production is a symbolic visual feat for the director and also a momentous triumph for Gal Gadot who certainly still has a lot to sell in her role as a reckless warrior, as Chris Evans did in the first Captain America movie which is a bit of the same genre as Wonder Woman but in a male version.


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