World’s most terrifying teacher insists tattooed eyeballs don’t scare 3-year-old students

tattoo teacher lost job

A man dubbed the world’s most terrifying teacher has insisted his tattooed eyeballs don’t scare his three-year-old students.

French schoolteacher Sylvain Helaine has spent over £34,000 on covering his whole body in tattoos and has said that he believes he will turn “fully black”.

Sylvain was stopped from teaching kindergarden at Docteur Morere Elementary School after parents of a three-year-old complained about him.

The parents, whose son was not taught by Sylvain, said that he had been having nightmares over his face.

(Image: ITV)

He was later told by the school that he could continue teaching, but only for those over six years old.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning today, Sylvain said: “I thought in 2020 there will be more open-minded people.”

(Image: ITV)
(Image: ITV)

He insisted that he was a good teacher and that the students he actually taught were not scared of him.

“When I started getting tattooed I was really selfish but hopefully just being here in the school in front of parents, I will open the minds of my pupils and future adults,” he said.

Sylvain also opened up about having the whites of his eyeballs tattooed, which he described as incredibly painful.

Despite that, he hasn’t been put off future tattoos and said that he had finished tattooing the first layer of his skin.

“I’m working on the second layer of my skin,” he said. “I may end up being fully black [because I] frequently cover my tattoos.”


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